ConvergX® Canada 2019

Join us for the 4th annual ConvergX® Conference in Calgary, Alberta, from February 5-7, 2019 at the SHERATON EAU CLAIRE

Event Overview

A Brief Overview of ConvergX®:

Energy Meets Aerospace, Defence, Security and Mining
This Global Conference continues to be a significant success and returned for it’s third year to Calgary. Currently 48 business transactions are in progress or completed and we look forward to advancing that momentum in 2019.

CONVERGX® – The First and only Global Conference of its kind to create investment and growth opportunities between the Energy, Mining, Aerospace, Defence & Security Sectors. Recognizing that these industries consistently innovate to maintain a competitive advantage, ConvergX® provides the venue for cross sector business opportunities. Hosted by WāVv, whose focus is in bridging the gap to accelerate exportable technologies, ConvergX® provides a unique business opportunity to partner with capable industry leaders in delivering immediate solutions.

Why Attend ConvergX®

ConvergX® is a targeted conference attended by delegates in senior executive positions. The focus is to engage in discussion sessions to understand the future requirements of the industries and ensure innovation and access to new supply chains is provided.  The format offers sponsors, delegates, and presenters the opportunity to review progress, lessons learned and capabilities in an adjacent market with little or no risk. There are several networking opportunities and valuable feedback sessions built into the program to facilitate introductions and create meaningful partnerships.

“What do Energy & Defence Sectors have in Common? A lot more than you might initially think. Massive industry oversight, precision geolocating, and specialized logistics for equipment transport are just a few. How often do they come together to sell to each other or share intel? Rarely, if ever – until 2015 when Kim Van Vliet, CEO of WaVv Strategic Consulting put on the first ConvergX® conference to bring these vital sectors together.” – Melanie Love, CFA continued…


Number of Delegates Increased By

Companies & Government Bodies Represented

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Delegates in Leadership Positions

Benefits of Participation


With over 40 billion dollars in Canadian Government spending forecast in the Aerospace, Defence, and Security (ADS) sector, ADS companies are seeking partnerships to add value to the Canadian economy. The key – Canadian energy companies utilize similar technology as the Defence sector with unique requirements. There is a significant need to facilitate investment and acquisition of technology or services by Defence in Canada. As such, there is an opportunity for cross-sectoral diversification and/or licensing opportunities of your current products.



The energy sector is recognized as the most receptive to the innovation needs of Defence, and vice-versa. With equal levels of technological capabilities and needs, both industries are accustomed to the demand for innovation and global delivery of technology.



The conference will provide an opportunity for companies to meet and learn about each industry, initiate meaningful dialogue to create growth opportunities, encourage investment dollars into the Aerospace, Defence, Security, Energy, and Mining sectors while benefiting companies and their clients from those strategic relationships.


Additional Benefits

  • Learn where the real and immediate opportunities are in the industries
  • Engage other industries to find solutions that your company already has well in hand
  • Attend sessions delivered by world-class experts
  • Meaningful B2X introductions between Aerospace, Defence, Security, Energy, and Mining companies
  • Determine corporate ability to leverage R&D investments to and from any sector
  • Create industrial allegiances for export
  • Receive opportunity for diversification

The ConvergX® B2X Portal

The B2X portal powered by B2B/2GO allows registered participants to request and schedule meetings, plan their time at the event, and send messages to other participants they wish to meet.

A few weeks before the ConvergX® Conference takes place, the B2X portal will be opened to registered participants. Available online or on your tablet or smartphone, the portal allows you to:

  • Create and manage your company profile, specifying exactly which products and services you offer or are looking for
  • Connect with other attendees through an internal email system
  • View and search the database of registered participants (primes, suppliers and partners) to identify which companies you wish to meet with
  • Send meeting requests
  • Create and update your personal timetable for the B2B event